Reader Feedback on RESET

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I’ve been doing a happy dance on the great feedback I’m receiving from people who have been going through my January RESET program!

When creating the content, it was my desire to help women who wanted to break free from the drinking cycle - to realize their goals through more motivation, inspiration and energy - with daily inspiration on how to embrace an alcohol free lifestyle.

I wanted to share some feedback I receive from someone who signed up for the course and is experiencing fantastic results! :) xox Kim

Hi Kim, I have been going through your content and I am proud to say I am committed to Dry January and even on just day 3, I feel so good about my decision.

Your page was a sign for good change in my life and for the first time ever I am excited about being sober instead of dreading the "will I ever have fun" "how can I relax" bullshit.

Hi Kim, I just wanted to share a huge win with you. Last night my boyfriend and I said we were going to get up at 6:30 a.m. to workout before we continue our house hunting journey. We say this every single Friday night. When we were drinking, we strangely enough didn’t usually drink on Friday nights....but we did the majority of the rest of the week, so our bodies were still feeling pretty crappy all of the time.

This week we've been free of alcohol and for the first time in at least 6 months, we actually got up and did our workout. And showered, made breakfast and I even did my hair!---all before 8:15am!

This wouldn't have been possible if we had been drinking this week and I'm just so darn grateful that I found some communities on IG, especially yours. My mindset is SO DIFFERENT this time around and I think that's from seeing all of the stories and advice that isn’t coming from an AA meeting. Not knocking AA, but it never worked for me and usually just irritated me and then I would say, screw it and get some IPAs. No more. It doesn’t even sound good. Thanks for reading this rambling thank you note! Have a fantastic Saturday!

I asked the this beautiful woman for any advise she had to share with others, and here are a few things she wanted to share with YOU!

  • Honestly, one of the biggest motivators for me right now is we got a Nespresso machine for Christmas and I am still so excited about it that I find the idea of drinking the night before will ruin my beautiful, fancy cup of coffee.

  • I also just want more out of my life and I wake up and say "picture your highest self and then show up as her."

  • Also--we just put an offer in on a house that we are 98% positive will get accepted and I had ZERO desire to go grab a bottle of champagne. I want to enjoy this and not forget any details, or worse, pay too much! Hope this is helpful!